UPVC windows popularly known as uPVC or Vinyl Windows, are made up of a plastic powder – uPVC which is weak and has to be added with the steel to enhance the strength. In comparison, Aluminium windows are made of pure metal, meaning the windows’ strength is inherent and more sturdy.

  • UPVC window’ sections are also bulky to accommodate steel enforcing, whereas aluminium window are sleek, providing greater strength and durability. The sleek Aluminium window frames provide better aesthetic looks and wider glass openings.
  • The favoured and inherent colour for UPVC windows is white, while dark colours uPVC windows absorb heat and hence make them a poor choice for heat insulation. Aluminium windows come with TEXGuard Anodized coated available in various colours and are tested against heat, noise, and wind insulation.
  • •UPVC windows’ sections are bulky to add steel for enhancing the strength, whereas aluminium windows are sleek and can provide large window sashes with multiple designs.
  • •UPVC windows are primarily ideal for cold environments, and UV is their biggest enemy. The salt spray, alkali, and UV test make aluminium windows suitable for tropical, cyclonic, cold, and extreme weather conditions.
  • Concealed frames are only possible in Aluminium Windows, but not in uPVC windows. These concealed frames help in creating an isometric look that enhances the design aesthetics.